Miguel Mirabal – Great Client Service is the Heart of any Legal Practice

Experienced lawyers will often say, great customer service it is ninety percent of the practice of law. Good customer service in legal is just as critical to success as good customer service in any other field. Clients Consumers have big expectations – if you want to win someone over, take the time to understand the integral elements of customer service in legal. Good customer service means different things to different people. When a lawyer’s beliefs about customer service differ greatly from a client’s needs, the relationship might never get off the ground. In order to form a strong connection and give your client the most satisfying experience, you need to start with a good first impression, which is, of course, good customer service! There are plenty of factors that make a law firm well-known and respected, and customer service is definitely on top of the list.

Miguel “Mike” Mirabal is a trusted international corporate and real estate counsel and his firm Global Legal – Global Title offer a multilingual – multi jurisdictional team of American and European lawyers and paralegals, each of them with international background and specializing in different areas of legal practice. Miguel “Mike” Mirabal makes clients feel at ease, acknowledged, important, and respected. Running a law firm is a lot like running any other business. Customer service is high on the list that sets the company apart from others, and a positive reputation draws in more clients. Customer service might be even more important for law firms than that of regular businesses since they don’t sell products – they sell experiences. So, if you want satisfied customers that spread the good word about how wonderful they felt while working with your law firm – you have to give it to them. This way, you will not even have to spend time marketing and putting your firm out there, the positive reputation will speak for itself. As a human being, you want to treat others the way you want to be treated. At the end of the day a good reason to give your clients proper customer service is because it’s what’s expected of you. This means making your clients feel like they are your top priority, answer them, listen to them, and try to be as compassionate as you can.
Lawyering skills are often assumed and, while a certain level of competency is essential, often the only time a client knows there is a problem is if you foul something up pretty badly and it comes to their attention.

On the other hand, a client will always know, and remember, if you returned phone calls and e-mails in a timely fashion. They will also keep in mind whether you delivered when you said you would, whether you are accessible and whether you are attentive to their needs. It’s really true that lawyers can sometimes hide their level of competency but being non-responsive will never go unnoticed.

Working in the law, like working in most other professional fields, entails a certain amount of customer service. Some might say the customer service aspects of the job are the most important.
It’s safe to say that when it comes to building your business – everything counts, even the small things. That’s why it’s important to remember that first impressions do matter in the grand scheme of things, especially when it comes to law firms, bad reviews and unsatisfied customers are a bad look, and on top of that it’s not nice if you treat people badly and don’t give them the right amount of attention and respect. The law firm lives as long as the customers keep coming – so be nice to them, give them the same treatment you’d want someone else to give you!