International Law & Spain Legal practice

Inter Global Legal’s Spain
and Latin America Practice

Inter Global Legal is proud to have on board our Spanish lawyers who deal with our Spanish legal matters.

For many years we have provided legal services to clients involved in the Spanish market and on cross-border transactions involving Spain, Spanish parties, and their trans-Atlantic business needs and we are a very active members of the Spanish-American Chamber of Commerce and the Madrid/Miami Offices of Commerce.

Through our representative offices in Spain, we can offer a comprehensive range of corporate legal advice, real estate, banking, investment, immigration services, soft-landing and expat/expatriation services and we stand out for our commitment to helping our clients develop their activities and defend their interests in the Spanish, American or Latin American market. We provide invaluable help to Spanish individuals, corporations, and financial institutions in evaluating potential business ventures around the world with emphasis in the US and Latin American markets.

In Madrid we work with the reputable law firm of Interjuris Madrid SLP.

Our Spanish representative offices work seamlessly with our Spanish-speaking and multi-lingual attorneys in Miami. In addition, we are able to give individuals and companies interested in doing business in Spain a unique appreciation of the political, linguistic, cultural, economic and geographic environments in which they will operate.

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