Vocational School Representation

Vocational and Technical School Representation

At Inter Global Legal we work at the intersection of law and vocational or technical school education. Our Education Team functions as an outside general counsel’s office for vocational or technical schools. The Education Team at Global Legal understands the unique “business” of operating educational institutions.


A vocational or technical schools are for profit or non-for profit learning institution offering educational programs which are directly related to the preparation of individuals for paid or unpaid employment, or for additional preparation for a career requiring other than a baccalaureate or advanced degree. Funding for vocational education varies by state and locality. Students may elect to take only a single course or a concentration in a particular trade. The areas of concentration most frequently offered by vocational education programs focus on beauty, health, mechanical industries, plumbing, electrical, business, trade and marketing, and technology.


Vocational or technical schools are usually accredited by the Florida Department of Education Commission for Independent Education or “CIE” and the U.S. Department of Education under Title IX, which may include Student Loans, Student grants, Veterans Grants and also International Student Visas Under the I-20 Programs.

Our Education Team provides comprehensive legal representation in all the areas critical to a Vocational or technical schools, utilizing diligence, ingenuity and sound judgment we have gained through years of experience. We draw upon the resources of our international law firm to address the myriad legal issues facing Vocational and technical school work together our clients to define best practices, counsel clients on critical legal issues, navigate arbitrations, mediations and before accrediting agencies, licensing bodies and government agencies. Our Education Team counsels educational institutions on employment policies and practices, including the drafting of faculty and staff handbooks, training, hiring, layoffs and terminations, internal grievance procedures, leaves of absences, accommodations, visas and immigration issues, and promotions and tenure.

We partners with clients to develop comprehensive legal compliance programs tailored to the particular needs of each institution. Specific compliance projects include legal auditing, defense of state or federal investigations, student financial aid operations, lending programs, recruiter compensation plans and many other compliance areas. We also advise on accreditation, registration, state and federal rule making and lobbying for institution-specific appropriations.

Acquiring, Merging or Closing Institutions

Educational institutions are confronting increasingly complex financial pressures, including fluctuating enrollments, ever-tightening and tuition-dependent operating budgets, rising property and labor costs, persistent development issues, and the challenge of obtaining and maintaining federal financial aid. When institutions of higher education face serious financial challenges, it is critically important for their leaders to have experienced legal guidance. Higher education is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the U.S. Consequently, combining or closing educational institutions requires extensive knowledge of regulatory requirements at federal, state and local levels, as well as with accrediting and licensing agencies. Global Legal has successfully guided many educational institutions, both nonprofit and for-profit, through acquisitions, mergers and closings.

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